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Cameron McRobb: driving pension solutions

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In Cameron McRobb’s experience, being a member of the College Pension Board of Trustees is a lot like his day job as an automotive technician. Both roles require an analytical mind and specialized knowledge. They also require someone who knows how to ask the right questions to uncover solutions, a perfect fit for a skilled problem-solver like Cameron.

As an instructor in the Motor Vehicle Trades program at Okanagan College in Kelowna, Cameron takes pride in sharing his knowledge and experience with students. He remembers his own days as a student and sees the potential in those he teaches. “I just want them to experience some of what I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing during my career,” he says.

Cameron was inspired to become a trustee by former board member Danny Bradford, who served from 2001 to 2016. Seeing Cameron’s potential, Danny invited him to observe a board meeting. “After the first meeting, I was hooked!” Cameron says. He’s been a trustee now for eight years. “I really enjoy the challenge of investing successfully for the long term,” Cameron says.

Keeping the plan fully funded and sustainable takes careful planning and plenty of teamwork between the board and BC Investment Management Corporation. It also takes a thorough understanding of the plan and, as Cameron says, “the confidence to ask the tough questions if necessary.”

Outside of work, Cameron focuses on giving back to his community. He’s a member of the Kelowna branch of the cheekily named group “100 Heroes Who Give a Damn!” Four times a year, more than 140 group members gather to donate $100 each to a deserving charity. The catch? Three local charities have five minutes each to pitch their cause, after which group members vote for their favourite. The winning charity brings home all the donations—over $14,000 in cash.

It’s no surprise that community involvement is an important part of Cameron’s life. He’s lived in the Okanagan region since he was born, the last 17 years in Kelowna. “The best part of living in the Okanagan is the summer,” Cameron says. When he can, he takes his wakeboarding boat onto Okanagan Lake to cool off—that is, when he’s not busy helping guide plan investments or teaching a new generation of automotive technicians about everything from disc brakes to drivetrains.

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