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Claim a death benefit

When a plan member dies, we will send information about next steps to their beneficiary (or beneficiaries) and/or executor.

When a member of BC's College Pension Plan dies, we will share important information about death benefits with their named beneficiary (or beneficiaries) and/or the executor of the plan member's estate.

If you are entitled to a death benefit as a beneficiary   or you are executor of the plan member's estate, we will send you an information package explaining the death benefit and how it will be paid.

The package will also include one of the following forms, which you will need to submit:

  • If the plan member died before retiring – Pre-retirement death benefits statement
  • If the plan member died after retiring – Survivor pension benefit application

Before processing any death benefit, we require a copy of the plan member's death certificate.

We may also need other information before we can finalize the payment of death benefits:

  • If you are a spouse   – a proof-of-age document, such as a copy of your birth certificate
  • If you are a beneficiary other than a spouse – a proof-of-identity document, such as a copy of your driver's licence or passport
  • If you represent an organization named as a beneficiary – the organization's Canada Revenue Agency number
  • If the plan member had not yet retired – a copy of a document showing proof of their age
  • If the plan member's or spouse's current name is different from what's on the proof-of-age document – a copy of a change-of-name document, such as a marriage certificate, adoption paper, passport or legal name-change document

The package and statement that we send you will clearly explain what information you need to submit to the plan.

Once you return the Pre-retirement death benefits statement or Survivor pension benefit application form, along with any required documents, we are authorized to pay the death benefit.

We will deduct income taxes from both monthly pension payments and lump-sum payments.

Health coverage

Spouses and dependants may be eligible for group health benefits if they were living with the plan member at the time of the member's death and choose to receive a monthly pension when the plan member dies. These benefits are not available if the surviving spouse chooses a commuted value payment. 

Eligible individuals have access to group health coverage rates, which means they pay lower rates than if they had to purchase these benefits on their own. Premiums will be deducted from the monthly pension payment.