Tell us if a beneficiary dies

If one of your beneficiaries dies, you can update your beneficiary information.

If a beneficiary   dies, we recommend updating your beneficiary information. This also applies if you named an organization as a beneficiary and the organization no longer exists.

If you have not yet retired, you can name a new beneficiary by doing one of the following:

  • Signing in to My Account to make your change immediately
  • Submitting the Nomination of beneficiary (pre-retirement) form to BC's College Pension Plan

If you do not name a new beneficiary, your beneficiary is automatically your estate.

If you have retired, your ability to name a new beneficiary may be restricted, depending on the pension option you chose at retirement. You can find this information on your semi-annual statement. If you are able to name a new beneficiary, you can do so by submitting the Change of beneficiary (for retired member) form.