How to claim a child-rearing credit

Find out how to apply to have the time you took off work to raise your child (or children) count as contributory service.

If you took an employer-approved leave of absence or quit work to raise a child under age seven, you may be able to have your child-rearing time recognized as contributory service.

The additional service may help you become eligible for an unreduced pension if you decide to retire before reaching age 65.

You can apply for a maximum of five years of contributory service for child-rearing over the course of your career as a member of BC's College Pension Plan.

If you buy service for a leave of absence you took when raising your child or children, you do not also need to apply to receive a contributory service credit. Buying service for a leave automatically includes the contributory service credit.

How much will it cost?

There is no cost to claim a child-rearing credit.

Are you eligible?

You can apply for the child-rearing credit if you:

  • Were an active plan member (or had existing service in the plan) before you took time off to raise a child
  • Quit work or took an employer-approved full-time unpaid leave of absence specifically to raise a child under age seven
  • Did not contribute to the Canada Pension Plan or any registered pension plan during the child-rearing time
  • Returned to work and began contributing to the plan again after the child-rearing period

What is the deadline?

You must apply while you are an active plan member or within 30 days of leaving your job with the employer you stopped working for to raise your child or children.

What is the process?

  1. Open and save the Child-rearing declaration form online
  2. Complete the form online
  3. Print and sign it
  4. Attach a clear copy of a birth certificate or adoption paper for each child to the form
  5. Send the completed form and documents to the plan

Once your application is approved, your child-rearing time will be added to your contributory service.