Submit a form to purchase service

Send us a form to buy service for an approved leave of absence or to buy arrears.

Submit the form

  1. Download the Purchase of service application form and complete part A
  2. Print and sign the form
  3. Attach any required documents
  4. Send the completed form and documents to your employer, who will complete part B and send the form and its documents to BC's College Pension Plan

Once we have processed your application, we will send you a statement of cost.

Another way to apply to purchase service

Sign in to My Account and use the personalized purchase cost estimator to estimate the cost of buying service for a leave. If you decide you want to buy service, you can connect directly to the Purchase of service application form. You will need to verify the information, print and sign the form, and submit it to your employer.


You may be able to buy service for a leave or arrears if:

  • You are currently an active plan member
  • The service or arrears period was with an employer participating in plan
  • You meet the deadline
Required information
  • Both you and your employer need to complete specific sections of the form
  • You may need to include documents with your form, depending on the type of service you are buying