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Submit a form to waive your death (survivor) benefit after retirement

Send us a form that allows you, as the spouse of a plan member, to waive your pension benefit should your spouse die after retiring.

Submit the form

  1. Print Form 2 Spouse’s waiver of 60% lifetime survivor’s benefit and/or beneficiary rights from a pension plan or annuity after payments start
  2. Complete it in the presence of a witness within 90 days of your spouse's pension effective date; your spouse (the plan member) must not be present when you complete the form
  3. Fill in your contact information as spouse, your spouse's contact information as member/former member and the following information for the plan:
    • College Pension Plan
      P.O. Box 9460
      Victoria, BC V8W 9V8
      Provincial registration number: P085498
  4. Initial the box next to Waiver A:
    • if your spouse chose a single life option, check the "payments during the ___-year guarantee period" and enter the number of years you want to be covered over the remainder of the guarantee period should your spouse die before the end of that period
  5. If you also want to give up your beneficiary right to your spouse's pension benefit, initial the box next to Waiver B
  6. Sign and date the form
  7. Have your witness sign the form
  8. Submit the form to BC's College Pension Plan with your spouse’s retirement application


Complete this form when your spouse (the plan member) is within 90 days of their pension effective date.

If your spouse is still working and you want to give up your right to a pre-retirement death (survivor's) benefit, submit Form 4 instead.

Required information
  • Your and your spouse's contact information
  • The name, address and provincial registration number of the plan:
    College Pension Plan
    P.O. Box 9460
    Victoria, BC V8W 9V8
    Provincial registration number: P085498
  • A witness to sign the form