Use the personalized purchase cost estimator

Use the personalized purchase cost estimator to find out what the cost of buying service might be.

Get an estimate of the cost to buy service

  1. Enter the period of time you're applying to purchase
  2. Enter your service information
  3. Enter your annual salary information

If you decide you want to buy service, you can use the estimator to connect directly to the Purchase of service application form. You will need to verify the information, print and sign the form, and submit it to your employer.


You can sign in to My Account and use the personalized purchase cost estimator to estimate the cost of buying service for an approved leave if:

  • You are an active plan member
  • The leave you want to buy service for was with an employer participating in BC's College Pension Plan
  • You meet the deadlines to buy service

The personalized purchase cost estimator will not work and your employer will need to submit a Purchase of service application on your behalf if you:

  • Have a former spouse who is entitled to a share of your pension
  • Have transferred service from another pension plan and:
    • the transferred time period is within the past five years
    • you are planning to retire or terminate employment within five years
  • Are working in a position where you do not make monthly pension contributions
  • Are currently on a leave of absence and would like to buy service for that leave
  • Are on long-term disability