What types of service you can buy

Learn about the types of service you can buy to potentially increase your future pension.

Claiming a child-rearing credit

You can be credited with up to five years of contributory service for the time you were off work to raise children. Unlike buying service for a leave, you do not have to pay to claim this credit.

Contributory service is a measure of the amount of time you've contributed to BC's College Pension Plan: you get a month of contributory service for every month during which you make a contribution to the plan (or are deemed to have made a contribution). Contributory service is used to determine if your pension will be reduced and by how much. Therefore, increasing your contributory service could help you become eligible for an unreduced pension before you reach age 65.

You can apply to have the plan count the time you took off work to raise children as contributory service if you:

  • Had service in the plan before you took time off to raise a child
  • Quit work or took an employer-approved leave of absence specifically to raise a child under age seven
  • Did not contribute to a registered pension plan during the child-rearing time
  • Returned to work after the child-rearing period
  • Resumed contributing to the plan after returning to work

You can apply for any number of child-rearing periods, up to a maximum of five years in total.

To apply to have your child-rearing time count toward your contributory service, complete and send a Child-rearing declaration form to the plan. The plan must receive your form before you turn 65.