Welcome to retirement

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New to retirement? Explore how your pension supports you financially. Plus, learn about health coverage, community resources and how life changes affect your pension.

Just as every person is different, every retirement is different. But no matter what retirement looks like for you, you can feel confident that your pension will be by your side.

The College Pension Plan is here to support you throughout your retirement. Explore the resources available on the plan website, and come back often during your retirement journey to stay connected.

Explore the guide

Your finances in retirement

Manage your money, from pension payments to income taxes to inflation adjustments.

Your health

Find out what retirement health coverage could look like for you.

Your community

Connect with community resources and meet other retired plan members.

Life changes

Understand how changes in your life—like separation and divorce or moving to another country—can affect your pension.

Take it from an expert

Learn what the retirement life looks like from someone who’s living it.


You have 60 days after your pension is granted to change your pension option. After that time, your selection is final and cannot be changed.

Change your pension option

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News for retired members

Are you in the loop? Check out Pension Life for COLA news, the trustee message and useful resources.

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