About being a limited member

As a former spouse of a plan member, you can be paid your share of the pension directly. To do so, become a limited member.

If you’re entitled to a share of the pension and you do not become a limited member, your former spouse will receive the full pension and be responsible for forwarding your share to you.

If your former spouse is not yet receiving a pension

As a limited member, you will receive a copy of your former spouse’s Member’s Benefit Statement each year. It will show your former spouse’s pensionable salary and estimates of the future combined pension payment. Your actual pension payment will be less than what you see on the statement.

When your former spouse reaches earliest retirement age of 55, you can apply to receive your share of the pension.

If your former spouse is receiving a pension

After we process your application, your share of the pension will be deposited directly into your bank account each month. You’ll receive an annual statement in January each year. The statement will show the most current information about your pension.

How to apply

To become a limited member of the plan, you, your former spouse, or a third party must:

  • Go to ‘Fill out the limited member application’ and complete Form P2 Request for designation as limited member
  • Upload the Form P2 under ‘Submit your limited member application’ and include a copy of your complete, signed separation agreement or registered court order, or a Form P9 Agreement to have benefits divided under Part 6
  • Submit a copy of one piece of identification showing your name and date of birth
  • Pay an administration fee of $750

If you die before your former spouse starts receiving their pension

We will pay your share to your estate or beneficiary. You can only name a beneficiary if you become a limited member. If you are entitled to a share of your former spouse's pension and do not become a limited member, a personal representative may apply to do so.

To initiate this process, the personal representative should follow the same application steps outlined above.

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