Board Communique: March 21, 2024

Information about the Canadian Dental Care Plan

In December 2023, the Government of Canada announced the launch of the new Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP).

We are aware that the eligibility rules could negatively affect some members’ access to dental coverage. Shortly after the announcement, we wrote to the federal government asking it to reconsider the eligibility criteria for the CDCP from “no access” to insured plans to “no coverage” under an insured plan.

Information about the CDCP released by the federal government has evolved since its initial announcement. We continue to review potential implications as the federal government releases more information about the CDCP.

Before you make any decisions about your current and future dental coverage with your pension plan, we recommend you review the CDCP eligibility criteria at – Canadian Dental Care Plan.


Cameron McRobb
College Pension Board of Trustees

External link for the March 21, 2024 communique – Canadian Dental Care Plan