Pension studies and reports

These studies and reports show the strength and value of Canada's public sector pension plans thanks to their responsible approach to funding and prudent investment philosophy.

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Shifting public sector DB plans to DC: The experience so far and implications for Canada (October 2014)
Defined benefit (DB) plans, such as BC's College Pension Plan, are far more efficient at generating pension income than defined contribution (DC) plans. Converting DB plans to DC plans has been very expensive for jurisdictions that did so.

Economic impact of British Columbia's public sector pension plans (October 2013)
This report by the Conference Board of Canada analyzes the economic impact of BC's public sector pension plans, focusing on the effect these plans have on individual savings and the overall economy.


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A look at BC College Pension Plan's reform efforts (July 2016)
The College Pension Plan has developed a reputation as an innovator and trendsetter in the sector. Find out why.

Canada leads in pension systems for public sector workers (June 2016)
What does Canada do better than any other country? Learn why Canada rates best in the world at responsibly funding its public sector pension liabilities.