Submit a form to declare your marital status at retirement

You must fill out this entire form, whether you are single, common-law or married

Fill out and submit the form with your retirement application package

  1. Carefully read the directions on the declaration and fill out the form as part of your retirement package; you may also download a new copy of the form to use
  2. Sign the form
  3. Attach the declaration and any required documentation to the rest of your retirement application package

Another way to complete the form

Sign in to My Account to complete this form online as part of the pension application process.

  • This form must be submitted before we will begin paying your pension
  • You must fill in all four sections of the form
  • Sign the form no more than 90 days before your pension effective (retirement) date
  • If you have a former spouse who is entitled to a portion of your pension, you must include a clean copy of your entire separation agreement or entered court order with this form

Download the form: Spousal declaration