COVID-19 update: To minimize service impacts and ensure the safety of our staff, we’re not accepting paper documents. Please send your personal forms and paperwork through My Account Message Centre. If you cannot access My Account, aren’t a pension plan member or are submitting on behalf of someone else, please contact us.

Submit a form to waive your beneficiary rights to your spouse's pension

Send us a form that allows you, as the spouse of a plan member, to waive all remaining beneficiary rights should your spouse die after retiring.

Submit the form

  1. Print Form 2 Spouse’s waiver of 60% lifetime survivor’s benefit and/or beneficiary rights from a pension plan or annuity after payments start
  2. Complete it in the presence of a witness; your spouse (the plan member) must not be present when you complete the form
  3. Initial the box next to Waiver B to give up your right to receive any remaining benefits in your spouse’s pension when they die
  4. Sign and date the form
  5. Have your witness sign the form
  6. Send the form to BC's College Pension Plan


You can only initial Waiver B to give up your beneficiary rights if:

  • You have also signed Waiver A to give up your right to a death (survivor’s) benefit
  • Your spouse (the plan member) chose a single life pension option, the guarantee period hasn't expired and you are currently listed as the beneficiary

If your spouse is still working but has not yet started receiving their pension, and you want to give up your right to the pre-retirement death benefit, submit Form 4 instead.

Required information
  • The name, address and provincial registration number of the plan:
    College Pension Plan
    P.O. Box 9460
    Victoria, BC V8W 9V8
    Provincial registration number: P085498
  • A witness to sign the form