Your pension is a valuable financial asset. Explore your options if you change or leave your job before retirement.

Your pension and your job

Learn what happens to your pension if you change jobs with the same employer, leave your job or are laid off.

Starting a new job with an employer participating in the plan

Starting a new job with another employer participating in the plan? Learn how it affects your pension.

Leaving your job

Leaving a job with an employer participating in BC's College Pension Plan? Find out what you can do with your plan contributions.

Learn about commuted value transfers

Find out what's involved if you transfer the commuted value of your pension to a locked-in retirement vehicle.

How to transfer service between public sector plans

You may be able to transfer your eligible service if you are joining or leaving the plan.

Pension plan transfer agreement list

Find out which public sector pension plans across Canada have a transfer agreement with the plan.

Apply to transfer service from another pension plan

Send us a form to begin the process of transferring service from another public sector pension plan.

Returning to work after retirement

If you return to work after retiring, you will continue to receive your pension from the plan.

Request an updated or replacement Termination selection statement online

Sign into My Account to request a Termination Selection Statement if you lost your statement or your guarantee date has passed

Submit your Termination selection statement online

Sign into My Account to upload your Termination selection statement after leaving your job with a plan employer.


Making the Most of Your Pension

Your pension is an investment in your future. It’s important to know how the decisions you make today can affect your future pension. Take the 45-minute online course or participate in the 75-minute instructor-led webinar to learn more about your pension.

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