Starting a new job with an employer participating in the plan

Starting a new job with another employer participating in the plan? Learn how it affects your pension.

Each employer in BC's College Pension Plan is considered a separate employer. This means you stop contributing to the plan as soon as you leave your current employer, even if you are starting a job with an employer that also participates in the plan.

Once you start your new position, if you are still eligible to be a member of the plan, you will be re-enrolled and resume making pension contributions.

We will combine your service from your old and new jobs. This service will continue to accumulate while you are working for a plan employer.

What happens if you take a second job with a plan employer

If you take a second job with an employer participating in the plan, or work in more than one position with the same employer, you will make contributions and earn service in the second job just as you do in the first. However, you can only earn service in the plan up to 52 weeks (at full-time hours) in a calendar year. If the number of hours you work in your two jobs exceeds this full-time maximum:

  1. You will make contributions on all your salary during the year
  2. If the pensionable service you have earned is greater than the maximum allowed for the year, we will refund any contributions you made above the cutoff
  3. The time you work and salary you earn above the full-time maximum will not count toward your service and salary in the plan

If you are working for two employers participating in the plan, you must tell both employers you are contributing to the plan through two positions.

If you were eligible to contribute to the plan with one of your employers but pension contributions were not deducted from your pay, you may have arrears. Contact your employer if you think this applies to you.

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