Federal and provincial legislation

Explore the laws and regulations that guide the College Pension Board of Trustees.

The work of the College Pension Board of Trustees is guided by and subjec to legislation and regulations, including the following:

Federal and provincial legislation (external links)

Family Law Act

This provincial legislation describes the legal requirements when dividing financial assets after a spousal relationship breaks down.

Income Tax Act

This act describes the rules and definitions used to determine, among other things, taxable income and the amount payable.

Income Tax Regulations

These regulations outline how to apply the Income Tax Act, including details about calculating taxable income, pension plan limitations, applying deductions and filing information returns.

Pension Benefits Standards Act

This legislation provides the rules and definitions that apply to provincially regulated pension plans.

Pension Benefits Standards Regulation

Along with the Pension Benefits Standards Act, this regulation applies to provincially regulated pension plans.

Public Sector Pension Plans Act

This provincial legislation sets the joint governance framework; it also established British Columbia Pension Corporation and British Columbia Investment Management Corporation.

Wills, Estates and Succession Act

This provincial legislation describes the legal requirements when writing a will and distributing the assets of an estate.