Get an income verification letter

Organizations may request proof of your pension income. Download a letter to verify your monthly pension payment.

Download your income verification letter:

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. From the Statements drop down menu, click Income verification letter.
  3. Click Download letter.
  4. Save or print the PDF letter as needed.


If you receive more than one pension, a separate letter will be produced for each pension. The letters will be combined in one PDF document.


A financial institution, foreign government office or other organizations may ask for a letter to verify your income for some applications. You can get an income verification letter if you are receiving a pension and have received your first payment. The letter includes:

  • Your name and address
  • Your Person ID (your unique identification number with the plan)
  • The date you downloaded the letter
  • Your pension effective date
  • Your gross monthly pension payment as of the date you downloaded the letter


If you have a trustee receiving your mail or a temporary address on your account, this will appear on your letter. Contact the plan if you need to update this information.

If you need more information in your letter, send us a request through Message Centre to tell us what additional information you need. We will create a custom letter within seven days and post it in Message Centre. You can contact the plan to make a custom letter request if you do not have access to Message Centre.

Required Information
  • Your My Account sign-in information (username and password)