Make a claim

Learn how to make a claim for eligible expenses covered by your extended health care or dental plan.

You have three options for submitting claims for your eligible health care and/or dental expenses:

  • Do-it-yourself online
  • Submitted by your provider
  • Submit by mail

All extended health care claims must be received by Green Shield Canada (GSC) no later than June 30 of the calendar year following the year in which the expense occurred.

All dental claims must be received by GSC within 12 months of the service date.

Do-it-yourself online

Through this service, you pay for the medical product or service, and then submit your claim online through Green Shield Canada's Plan Member Online Services or the GSC on the Go mobile app.

This option is frequently used when making claims for massage, physiotherapy, vision care, eye exams and chiropractic services.

Submitted by your provider

Many health service providers will electronically submit claims on your behalf. Present your GSC ID card and ask for your claim to be submitted directly to GSC. All the information required for direct billing is on the card.

Submit by mail

You can pay for your item or service, and mail the paid receipt and claim form to GSC at the address shown on the claim form.

Sign in to Green Shield Canada's Plan Member Online Services website to download a paper claim form pre-populated with your personal information.

How you are reimbursed for claims

Reimbursement will be made by:

  • Direct deposit to your bank account, if you signed up for this service
  • Mailed reimbursement cheque
  • Direct payment to the service provider, if applicable


External link for making a claim

To make a claim online, go to GSC Plan Member Online Services.