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Submit a form to claim a child-rearing credit

Send us a form to get contributory service credit for time you took off work to raise your child (or children).

Submit the form

  1. Download and complete the Child-rearing declaration form
  2. Print and sign the form
  3. Attach a clear copy of a birth certificate or adoption paper for each child to the form
  4. Send the completed form and documents to BC's College Pension Plan


You can apply for the child-rearing credit if you:

  • Were an active plan member (or had existing service in the plan) before you took time off to raise a child
  • Quit work or took an employer-approved full-time unpaid leave of absence specifically to raise a child under age seven
  • Did not contribute to the Canada Pension Plan or any registered pension plan during the child-rearing time
  • Returned to work and began contributing to the plan again after the child-rearing period
Required information
  • A copy of a birth certificate or adoption paper for each child