Pensions and marital breakdowns: information for lawyers

Lawyers are often asked to advise clients about dividing a pension benefit between a plan member and a former spouse. Learn more about the information and documents we need to administer a pension following a relationship breakdown.

Submit proof-of-age documents

BC's College Pension Plan requires clear copies of proof-of-age documentation from both the plan member and the former spouse. We recommend that this documentation be submitted along with the complete, signed separation agreement or registered court order.

If your client and their former spouse do not submit proof-of-age documentation, we will not be able to finalize payment of the pension benefit.

A clear and legible copy (either physical or electronic) of one of these documents is acceptable as proof of age and/or identity:

  • Valid BC identification (BCID) card
  • Valid photo BC Services Card
  • Canadian birth certificate
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate 
  • Canadian marriage certificate (with date of birth) 
  • Valid Canadian passport (photo page)
  • Valid Canadian provincial or territorial driver's licence
  • Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad
  • Valid NEXUS card
  • Ontario Health Card
  • Valid permanent resident card 
  • Valid Secure Certificate of Indian Status (secure status card) or Certificate of Indian Status (status card)

A clear and legible certified true copy of one of the following documents is also acceptable:

  • Valid, unexpired foreign driver's licence
  • Valid, unexpired foreign passport

If you don't have access to any of these documents, please contact the plan for acceptable alternatives.