What is your pension adjustment amount?

You can find the amount of your pension adjustment on your T4, T4A or T10 information slip.

Your pension adjustment represents the value of the pension benefit earned in your pension plan for a given year. It is not the amount you contributed to BC's College Pension Plan. Your pension adjustment is calculated using a formula set by the federal government.

Your T4 or T4A information slip will show the value of your various pension adjustments:

  • Pension adjustment for the prior year
  • Amended pension adjustment, if applicable
  • Past service pension adjustment, if applicable
If the pension adjustment   amount is not on your T4 slip from your employer, it will be sent to you on a T4A.

Your T10 information slip will show the amount of your pension adjustment reversal, if applicable.

Time frame

You will receive the required T4, T4A or T10 information slip by the end of February each year. 

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