Buying service for arrears

Find out what to do if there was a period when you and your employer should have contributed to the pension plan but didn’t.

Deadlines for arrears

There is no deadline for identifying arrears.

Once arrears have been identified, the following deadlines apply.

If you have enrolment arrears and you want to buy the arrears period, you must apply by whichever date comes first:

  • Five years from the date you receive official notice of the arrears
  • Thirty days after ending your job with a plan employer

When enrolment arrears are identified, you will receive a statement from BC Pension Corporation showing how much you need to pay. The payment amount quoted in your statement is guaranteed for 90 days. If you do not pay for the arrears within 90 days, you may request a new cost assessment by submitting the Purchase of service application form to your employer.

If you have payroll arrears, your employer will bill you for your share; they will determine the payment deadline.