Dividing your pension checklist

If you are dividing your pension, use this checklist to make sure you have everything covered.

There are three main steps to dividing your pension:

  1. You or your former spouse submits a separation agreement or court order to BC’s College Pension Plan telling us how to split the pension
  2. Your former spouse applies to become a limited member of the plan (a limited member is a former spouse of a plan member who is entitled to a portion of the plan member’s pension) and pays the fee
  3. Your former spouse (now a limited member) applies for a benefit when you turn 55

A detailed look

Here is a more comprehensive checklist of what you need to do to divide your pension after a separation or divorce:

  • If you wish, submit a Release of information authorization form to allow us to share information about your pension with others, such as a lawyer or actuary
  • Send us one of the following documents telling us how we should divide the pension between you and your former spouse:
    • complete, signed separation agreement
    • registered court order
    • (if a separation agreement or court order is not available) Form P9 Agreement to have benefits divided under part 6
  • Tell us if the name or address of you or your former spouse changed after the separation or divorce
  • Submit copies of proof-of-age documents, such as a valid Canadian passport (photo page) or a driver’s licence

Your former spouse may wish to:

  • Claim an interest in your pension, so we have permission to send them information about your pension
  • Become a limited member of the plan, so they can receive their share of your pension directly from the plan