How to address a concern or appeal a decision

Find out the steps you can take if you have a concern about how the plan rules were applied.

Requesting an administrative review

If you have contacted the plan about your concern and aren't satisfied with the response, you can ask for an administrative review of the decision. You must complete this step before you start an appeal.

How to request an administrative review

Write to the director of pension operations at Pension Corporation. Include any information and documents relevant to your concern.

Contact the director through the plan:

Online: Sign in to My Account and click the envelope for Message Centre

Director, Pension Operations
College Pension Plan
PO Box 9460
Victoria BC V8W 9V8

The director will review any information you provide to determine whether the corporation correctly applied the rules in your case. After completing this review, the director will send you a letter either confirming the original decision or suggesting a different resolution.

Option to appeal

If you are still not satisfied after the director's administrative review, you can appeal the matter to the College Pension Board of Trustees.

You can only appeal to the board once you have received a written response from the director of pension operations confirming the original decision.

You have one year from the date of the director's letter to start the appeal process.

Please note: You cannot appeal the plan rules. You can only appeal how the plan rules were applied in a decision made by Pension Corporation.

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